HID’s Versatility and Innovation on Full Display at Gitex Global 2023

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Gitex Global 2023, a leading technology event in the Middle East, has once again brought together the brightest minds in the tech industry to showcase their latest innovations. Among the prominent participants is HID, represented by Andrew Munnik, Regional Sales Director for Middle East & Africa in the Secure Issuance division. In an exclusive interview with Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor at TECHx, Munnik shared insights into HID’s participation and the remarkable products they are featuring at the event.

For HID, Gitex has always been a significant platform, and this year is no different. Munnik emphasized their continued focus on the government vertical, a domain where their solutions have consistently made an impact. He mentioned the HID ELEMENT Laser, a flagship product that is gaining attention at Gitex. Additionally, HID is showcasing their UV Inkjet technology, designed to meet the stringent requirements of governments in the Middle East and Africa.

Munnik also highlighted that they are not just limited to government-centric solutions. HID is introducing other printers tailored to different verticals, demonstrating their versatility and innovation. As he puts it, “It is a very busy show, and we hope to, as in the past, get as much out of it as possible.”

Zehra, probed further to understand the specific solutions and products HID is unveiling at Gitex. Munnik was eager to elaborate, stating that their ELEMENT Laser is the star of the show. This laser technology is meticulously designed with the government vertical in mind and offers unique security features that are unparalleled in the market. HID’s commitment to security and innovation in this field is evident through their exceptional offerings.

As the conversation shifted towards what HID hopes to achieve after Gitex, Munnik provided valuable insights into their post-event strategy. He expressed their intent to leverage the productive meetings they have had with both current and potential customers during the event. These discussions will serve as a foundation for turning their product offerings into comprehensive solutions for the government sector.

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