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HMD Global launches its most affordable 5G smartphone

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HMD Global has launched its most affordable 5G smartphone, a new member of the G-series family. The Nokia G50 is the company’s most economical 5G smartphone to date, with the distinctive Finnish quality of a long-lasting phone.

Florian Seiche, CEO at HMD Global: “Our mission from day one has been to make quality mobile technology accessible to everyone around the world. With Nokia G50, we are proud to put 5G in the pockets of even more people, supported by trusted partnerships for best-in-class experiences. And not only today, but for years to come too thanks to our regular software updates and quality materials. We want to empower people to feel good about keeping their smartphone for longer and combat the upgrade culture so we can all reduce our carbon footprint.”

Sanmeet Kochhar -Vice-President-India-MENA-HMD-Global - 5G smartphone -techxmedia

Sanmeet Kochhar, Vice President of India and MENA at HMD Global:Nokia phones have stood the test of time, and our commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy products remains unswerving. At HMD, we are empowering people to avoid early device replacement and encouraging a more sustainable consumption through our longevity promises. Nokia G50 smartphones builds on this promise, with reliable software and hardware that Nokia phone fans have come to know, love, and experience with our premium design that they can be proud of. We are thrilled to offer this future-proof 5G experience of Nokia G50 reaching the hands of the consumers from today.”

Benefit from superfast 5G for less

The Nokia G50 is a phone that is ready for the future, with 5G networks predicted to cover 40% of the world by 2024 and handle 25% of all mobile data. It’s future-proofed with 5G for tomorrow at a price that won’t break the bank today for AED 969, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 MP, which is built to optimise future technology.

A smartphone that considers the future

You can count on Nokia G50 to be up to date with the latest software whether it’s today or two years from now. It’s already set up to support Android 12 and beyond, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date features. For your entire peace of mind, the monthly security updates are guaranteed for at least three years, ensuring that your best ideas and favourite memories are safeguarded. Your data is handled in a Finland-based data centre and is safeguarded by strong European legislation, including GDPR.

Nordic excellence that you can see and feel

The Nokia G50’s two-day battery life ensures that you will be able to get through even the most demanding of days. Plus, with 18W rapid charging, you won’t have to wait for your phone to charge. The Nokia G50 also comes with a one-year warranty at no additional cost for further peace of mind.

Nokia G50 boasts the build quality that Nokia phones are known for, all wrapped up in a classic, timeless style. The material on the 6.82″ HD+ display will be crisp and clear whether you’re upskilling with web movies or savouring scenes from Planet Earth.

Capture the beauty of the world in stunning detail

The Nokia G50 is equipped with a 48MP triple-lens camera with AI smarts, allowing you to capture everything from natural beauties to photos of loved ones enjoying the moment in any light. You may add a stamp to your inventive ideas or simply enhance photographs for social media using the watermarking tool, which is fantastic for putting a stamp on your innovative ideas or simply enhancing photos for social media. Video stabilisation technology ensures you’re in the picture even if your arm isn’t, so you won’t miss any perfect selfie moments.

Colour match your new Nokia G50 with our most advanced Nokia earbuds yet, the Nokia Clarity Earbuds

Sound quality is still the most crucial aspect for audiophiles throughout the world, and we’re excited to launch the Clarity range of Nokia earbuds, which provides you the power to filter out distractions so you can lose yourself in the acoustics.

Nokia Clarity Earbuds are color-matched to the Nokia G50 and now have Google fast pair for the best possible user experience. Dual microphones with Qualcomm® cVcTM environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology eliminate echo and undesirable background noise so you can be heard clearly even while you’re on the move. Furthermore, because each earbud is individually connected to your phone, Bluetooth® 5.2 compatibility allows for quick swapping between them, providing you more versatility.

Low latency technology, which minimises delay to give a genuinely immersive entertainment experience, makes the range ideal for gaming and video.

Trusted partnerships for best-in-class experiences

Nokia G50 owners will have access to 70 million music and 2.9 million podcasts right out of the box with Spotify. ExpressVPN will be available for the Nokia G50 with a 30-day free trial, providing further security against malware. More information can be found here: Collaboration between Spotify and ExpressVPN.


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