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HONOR delivers immersive experience with ergonomic enhancements

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With mobile users across the Middle East spending hours a day on their smartphones, having a device that is engineered for long-term browsing comfort is key. The mobile user experience or Mobile UX for short looks at how consumers interact with their devices; from how they browse features to the way they hold their phones, all are elements of ergonomics and impact the way brands design their gadgets.

HONOR understands that in a digital world the smartphone is the key derivative for an interconnected intelligent lifestyle. From functionality to aesthetics, HONOR strives to deliver a premium immersive experience with mobile design ergonomics placing human needs at the forefront. 

Creating a device that is constantly operational and navigates natural movements provides comfort and long-term usability. The HONOR 9S is designed with these critical points in mind.

Designed for One-handed Use

HONOR 9S boasts a brilliant 5.45-inch HD display for a cinema-quality viewing experience. When it comes to weight, the HONOR 9S is wonderfully light at just 144 grams. Packed in an alight 8.35mm thick package, the device is ultra-slim for easy carrying and comfort.

DarkMode:ANew Digital Landscape

Dark mode, based on ergonomics research, uses a contrast between the text in the foreground and the dark background for a user-friendly reading experience consistent with light mode. The dark mode is designed to soften every UI element throughout the system to deliver a comfortable viewing experience in dark environments.

User-Friendly Viewing

With a 1440 x 720-pixel resolution, the HONOR 9S delivers a vivid and immersive viewing experience for gaming and video playback. The HONOR 9S display emits far less blue light, obtaining the Eye Comfort Certification from TÜV Rheinland. Not only does the new technology make the 9S more comfortable to use, but it also maintains a very high color range, ideal for those who spend lots of time on their smartphones. 


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