How to set up your QNAP remote workspace


This past year has seen a lot of changes. While every area of our personal existence changed dramatically, the professional world also changed significantly. One of these emerging trends is remote work.

The adoption of remote work had already been accelerating in recent years, but the global Covid pandemic lockdown limitations accelerated it even more, with work from home policies being implemented in record time across firms of all sizes and industries all over the world.

With QNAP’s remote work solutions, you can ensure that your organization can provide employees with the freedom to work remotely without impacting everyday work requirements and productivity.

Secure Remote Access to Company Data

Secure Remote Access to Company Data - techxmedia

Use myQNAPcloud Link to access, share, download, and manage files stored on an HQbased NAS via the Internet. QNAP NAS also supports VPN services for remote workers to access the NAS and resources on a private network from the Internet. QNAP Browser Station provides virtual browsers on QNAP NAS, allowing you easy access LAN resources from remote devices with online security and privacy.

Separate your Business and Personal Messages

Separate your Business and Personal Messages - techxmedia

QNAP Mattermost is a secure and collaborative instant messaging platform that provides team members with public/private chat and file transfer. With full QNAP NAS integration, you can archive all your messages and files. Mattermost also provides a companion mobile app, allowing team members to stay connected when on the go.

High-Quality Multiparty Video Conferencing

High-Quality Multiparty Video Conferencing - techxmedia

QNAP KoiMeeter is a high-quality video conferencing system, providing wireless presentations and cross-platform communication for multi-branch enterprises to build high-quality multi-site communication. It also supports AI audio transcription and real-time translation to help break language barriers in international meetings. QNAP’s companion robot “KoiBot” also features voice interaction and four-user video calls to enjoy zero-distance communication.

 Simplified Cross-platform Collaboration

Simplified Cross-platform Collaboration - techxmedia

Remote workers can access QNAP File Station using web browsers and easily upload and manage files from their computer. Microsoft Office® documents can be directly opened and modified online, saving users from having to download documents from their NAS to PC for editing. Sensitive data can be encrypted with AES 265 encryption for higher data security and privacy. QNAP Qsync enables file synchronization between multiple linked devices, greatly enhancing teamwork and collaboration.

When Remote Working, Backup for Cloud Data is Important!

Backup for Cloud Data - techxmedia

SaaS is convenient and has been a good friend of remote workers, but it is vulnerable to data loss and data recovery limitations. With QNAP Boxafe, you can backup/sync files, emails, calendars and contacts from Google™ G Suite and Microsoft® Office 365® to a QNAP NAS. Backing up hundreds or thousands of files from different employees is not a problem at all.

Boost Productivity with Automated Cross-platform Workflows

Automated Cross-platform Workflows - techxmedia

With QNAP Qmiix, you can set up interactions between multiple applications to enable cross-platform automation. For example, whenever a new file is added to a Dropbox® folder, it will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive™. After uploading, Qmiix will send notifications on Slack®. Qmiix is like your own secretary who assists your daily workflows.

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