Huawei Launches Smart Airport Solutions at Oman Exhibition

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Huawei made a significant debut during the inaugural Airports Innovate Exhibition in Muscat, Oman, held from November 20 to 22, by introducing a range of pioneering smart airport solutions tailored for international markets. Among these innovations are the Fully Connected Fiber Network Solution and the Smart Airport Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution, designed to cater to the evolving needs of airports worldwide.

The showcased scenario-based solutions also included Huawei’s Airport Cloud and panoramic smart airport solutions, positioning the company at the forefront of intelligent and digital transformations within the aviation sector. Recognizing the pivotal role of ultra-reliable connectivity in shaping the airports of the future, Huawei aims to meet the heightened demands on airport networks with its advanced smart services.

Nelson Huang, Vice President of Huawei’s Aviation & Rail Business Unit, emphasized, “Airports of the future will be expected to deliver ultra-reliable connectivity in all areas, providing a seamless travel experience for passengers. This places higher demands on airport networks which Huawei’s systems can support.”

Leveraging its expertise in the Fixed 5G (F5G) sector, Huawei introduced a groundbreaking “IP + optical” dual-technology convergence to its Fully Connected Fiber Network. This innovation enables efficient access across diverse networks, establishing dual planes for backbone 100G transmission and services. The result is a highly reliable data center network, forming a robust foundation for the development of smart airports.

The Fully Connected Fiber Network boasts several key advantages, including a reliable bearer ensuring interference-free operation of multiple services, seamless network access for wireless office and production, and a 30% improvement in collaboration efficiency. The simplified two-layer architecture enhances reliability, and the network management system streamlines service planning while significantly improving intelligent O&M efficiency.

Huawei’s Smart Airport Perimeter Security with Fiber Sensing Solution sets new standards by accurately identifying vibrations caused by environmental factors like wind and rain. Offering comprehensive detection of perimeter intrusions in all weather conditions over extended distances, the solution ensures minimal missed alarms and reduces false alarms to no more than one per kilometer each day. With a more than 90% reduction in false alarm rates, precise positioning at the meter level, and accelerated event response, the solution elevates intelligent protection levels, enhances overall airport operational security, and improves staff experiences.

Moussa Huang, Director of International Market Development of Huawei’s Aviation & Rail Business Unit, highlighted the importance of a secure and intelligent future airport cloud. He stated, “The future airport cloud must be secure, reliable, and intelligent while supporting smooth evolution. Huawei Airport Cloud ensures active-active and reliable production services and facilitates rapid development of airport services through cloud-network-security integration.”

As a leading global ICT infrastructure provider with nearly three decades of experience in the transportation industry, Huawei has served over 130 airports in more than 40 countries and regions. The company remains committed to collaborating with industry partners to drive innovative practices, empowering the digitalization and intelligence of global airport customers for the high-quality development of smart civil aviation.

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