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Huawei’s Sanjay Kumar Sainani in top 10 list of best data center technology leaders

Data Center Technology

Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and Global Chief Technology Officer for the Digital Power Business Unit of Huawei Technologies, has secured a spot in Data Centre Magazine’s top 10 list of the best data center technology leaders. The list highlights industry experts around the globe who are at the forefront of the data center industry globally.

At Huawei, Sanjay drives innovation and strategy for data center solutions as well as global business development. He plays an essential role in developing the Pre-fabricated Data Center EPC solution, Fan Walls, Power & Cooling POD’s, Liquid Cooling offerings and AI enabled DCIM at Huawei. His work on Active Harmonic Management, Transformer-less UPS, Modular Power Systems, Dynamic Cooling has resulted in a sustainable industry-wide transformation.

With over 30 years of experience across the Middle East, the United States, and Asia Pacific Markets, Sanjay is recognized as a trusted advisor to many customers and partners.

He has been with Huawei for the last 7 years, since 2014, and has worked as the company’s Chief Technology Officer since 2018.Before moving to Huawei, Sanjay worked for a global data center operator, Schneider Electric, and graduated from Harvard Business School.

A connected world relies upon efficient data centers. According to Sanjay, future-proofed data centers –that feature smart, scalable, flexible solutions – will form the heart of the digital economy, in which data will be a major commodity that will enable both public and private sector entities to thrive.

Most recently, the company ranked # 1 in the Pre-fabricated Modular Data Center business, with over 200+ MW Data Centers constructed as EPC providers.  Huawei also ranked #1 globally in the Modular UPS business and is the first in the world to launch a 1.6MW UPS with 3U sized modules of 100KW ensuring tremendous cost and space savings for the Cloud and HyperScale Data Center operators.

To date, more than 700 cities and 228 Fortune 500 companies—among which 58 are from the Fortune 100—have selected Huawei as a digital transformation partner.


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