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IMA announced UAE’s Al Ain University as 100th endorsed university

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The IMA® Higher Education Endorsement has been awarded to seven new schools and universities throughout the three countries of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the United States of America. These institutions have been acknowledged for their commitment to students and their preparation for successful careers in management accounting and for assisting students in pursuing and earning the coveted CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification.

Loreal Jiles - vice president - IMA - UAE - Al Ain University -100th endorsed university - techxmedia

“High-quality educational programs like those at the recently endorsed Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi and The British University in Cairo will go a long way in enabling future management accountants in these regions achieve their career goals and meet the competency expectations of global employers,” said Loreal Jiles, IMA vice president, research and thought leadership.

 She added, “We continue to encourage qualified programs to apply for IMA endorsement and earn this distinctive recognition.”

“Endorsement by IMA is a great achievement and a testament to the quality of our curriculum that is helping our undergraduate accounting students to better prepare for a rewarding career in management accounting,” said Professor Ghaleb El Refae (AAU President).

She also noted,  “IMA’s globally-recognized CMA program is a relevant assessment of advanced accounting and financial management knowledge in areas such as financial planning, analysis, control and decision support – each of which is increasingly critical in meeting the changing needs of business, and therefore, essential learning for students of accounting and finance. This will benefit both the future careers of our students and the organizations where they will work in the future.”

Since February 2021, the following schools have earned the distinction from three countries:

The IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program is an industry-recognized seal of approval. It denotes that the accounting program offers a strong curriculum that prepares students for the CMA exam and allows them to pursue successful careers in management accounting. The IMA program has endorsed more than 100 colleges and universities in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania to date.

Al-Ain University, a longtime IMA partner that was named the 100th endorsed university in August 2021, is also one of the UAE’s oldest universities, known for its commitment to empowering Emirati female students. Its programs are supported by high-quality academic provisions, which the IMA has since acknowledged.

The IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement project recognizes programs that satisfy high educational standards, allowing students to pursue and obtain the CMA. The program’s details can be found at


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