Infoblox Launches AI-Powered SOC Insights for Security Ops

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Infoblox Inc., a prominent brand in cloud networking and security solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking AI-powered security operations solution named SOC Insights. This innovative addition enhances the capabilities of its DNS Detection and Response solution, BloxOne® Threat Defense. SOC Insights equips security analysts with the ability to swiftly initiate investigations that are of utmost importance, significantly reducing response times by converting vast arrays of security events, network data, ecosystem insights, and unique DNS intelligence into a concise and actionable set of immediate insights, all at the speed of AI.

Unlike conventional malware risk dashboards, SOC Insights empowers cybersecurity teams to slash mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) by consolidating disparate alerts into distinctive insights. Each insight offers easy access to device, event, and attacker infrastructure details along with Infoblox’s exclusive DNS intelligence data. This eliminates the need for SecOps teams to spend valuable time tracking individual alerts or waiting on NetOps for user and device information to contextualize threat activity.

Craig Sanderson, Vice President of Security and Product Management at Infoblox, commented, “SOC Insights marks a pivotal moment for SecOps, enabling them to prioritize effectively, particularly when facing constraints in budget and resources. At Infoblox, we envision a future where AI-driven analytics and DNS intelligence significantly enhance SecOps efficiency, with SOC Insights setting a new standard for the industry.”

In an era marked by evolving technologies such as generative AI and cloud computing, coupled with a persistent cybersecurity skills shortage, sophisticated attacks pose greater business risks and exposure than ever before. With SOC Insights, Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense addresses critical SecOps challenges including:

– Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks: Leveraging unique DNS threat intelligence to detect threats overlooked by other tools and proactively disrupt adversary infrastructure to prevent threats.

– Alert fatigue: Streamlining the identification of crucial events by distilling hundreds of thousands of alerts into actionable insights, expediting the investigation and remediation process.

– Lengthy incident response times: Eliminating time wasted on collecting, filtering, and interpreting vast amounts of event and network data, allowing for swift initiation of response activities.

– Underutilized security ecosystem: Sharing AI-driven insights with correlated and filtered data to trigger automated responses, enhancing the effectiveness of other security tools and teams.

Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, remarked, “DNS holds the potential to enhance organizational security posture and facilitate a proactive approach to breach prevention and faster remediation. SOC Insights has the potential to empower defenders to outpace attackers without guesswork by applying AI to extensive DNS and network data.”

With SOC Insights, Managed Security Service Providers can aid their clients in enhancing security posture, optimizing security investments, and streamlining operations. Additionally, IT channel partners can explore new opportunities to promote or enhance other solutions within the Infoblox Security Ecosystem.

Mohammed Al-Moneer, Senior Regional Director at Infoblox META, highlighted, “In a constantly evolving landscape, Infoblox merges networking and security to empower customers in delivering enhanced performance and protection for thriving businesses. SOC Insights presents an enticing proposition for SecOps teams in the Middle East, grappling with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats daily.”

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