Introducing ‘Dynamic Ads for Streaming’ on Facebook


Facebook announces a new ad solution — Dynamic Ads for Streaming — to help video streaming brands highlight their entire content library so they can showcase the right titles to the right audiences.

With Dynamic Ads for Streaming, when people see an ad for your service in their feed, they can swipe through the ad to see personalized, relevant titles they might be interested in, based on interests they’ve shown on Facebook and Instagram. Audiences can also follow your call to action to start a trial or subscribe.

Before Dynamic Ads for Streaming, an advertiser might need to promote each media title separately. Now, advertisers can automatically generate unique ads for every title, without having to configure individual ads. Set up your campaign once, easily add new titles, then continually attract users more likely to convert by serving the right title to the right user across devices— from mobile to desktop to tablet.

According to a recent study by Kantar, most people try new streaming services because they want to view the breadth of the content available through that service, versus trying the service because they have one specific title in mind. 64% of streaming trialists said they try a new service because they knew of several things they wanted to watch.1We want to help video streaming platforms increase sign-ups and help audiences find the film and TV titles they want to see.

“Our Streaming partners have built robust content libraries and we wanted to make it easier for them to showcase their libraries at scale,” said James Smith, Head of Entertainment at Facebook. “With Dynamic Ads for Streaming, advertisers no longer have to manually create new campaigns for each individual title. Once an advertiser uploads their content catalog to Facebook, the dynamic ads deliver personalized recommendations, giving people a similar personalized experience they’re used to seeing from their streaming services.”

Advertisers testing this solution are already seeing strong results driving engagement. Globoplay, a Brazilian subscription video service, used Dynamic Ads for Streaming to promote its wide variety of titles to audiences on Facebook.

“When it comes to entertainment in streaming services it is no surprise that people have preferences for a wide array of all sorts of content,” said Dimitri Araújo, Marketing, and Media Performance Manager at Globoplay. “In order to meet a challenging delivery of an efficient and scalable 1 to 1 communication, where you want to address people’s different interests, it is important to have the capability to exhibit the right content for the right person. That’s why we rely heavily on Dynamic Ads for Streaming to deliver creative that is constantly automated, personalized, and effective in terms of business results.”

Dynamic Ads for Streaming are now available for all video streaming businesses across the globe.

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