IoT Made Simple: Ensuring Security with Ease for Devices

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CommScope, and STMicroelectronics have announced the successful integration of CommScope’s PKIWorks™ IoT security platform with ST’s widely-used STM32WB microcontroller unit (MCU). This integration provides device manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for developing IoT devices that adhere to the security standards set by the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter standard.

The integrated solution simplifies the development and provisioning of secure Matter device credentials during manufacturing, offering significant cost and time savings for IoT device manufacturers. This collaborative effort enables devices to be commissioned at the MCU level without the need for developer intervention. Leveraging CommScope Sentry™ team’s 35 years of experience in securely integrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates into high-volume manufacturing production, combined with ST’s leadership in microcontrollers and development ecosystem, ensures a robust and efficient solution.

Nathalie Vallespin, STM32 Connectivity product line manager at STMicroelectronics, emphasized ST’s commitment to facilitating seamless Matter development for all device makers. She stated, “Our top ranking in general-purpose microcontrollers and expertise in secure elements position us to address device-makers’ challenges effectively and leverage our knowledge of Matter to create valuable collaborations, such as this one with CommScope. This partnership will accelerate Matter development by providing an easy and secure process for credential provisioning.”

Bart Giordano, President of Networking, Intelligent Cellular, and Security Solutions at CommScope, highlighted the significance of the integration. “By combining the CommScope Sentry PKIWorks platform with ST’s popular MCU platform, we are delivering a turnkey solution to address the challenges associated with Matter adoption. This collaboration efficiently manages the complexity, scale, and cost, drawing on the extensive expertise of two industry leaders with decades of experience in digital security, semiconductor solutions, and device manufacturing. CommScope and ST’s longstanding collaborative relationship further enhances our ability to meet the increasing demand for new Matter IoT devices.”

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