Kyndryl, Cloudflare Ally for Enterprise Network Evolution

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Kyndryl, a prominent IT infrastructure services provider, and Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), a cloud connectivity company, have announced a far-reaching Global Strategic Alliance today. This collaboration marks an expansion of their existing partnership, aimed at empowering enterprises to transition and oversee networks for multi-cloud connectivity while ensuring comprehensive network security. Bringing together Kyndryl’s comprehensive consulting services and proficiency across enterprise networking, security, and resiliency with Cloudflare’s robust connectivity cloud, which offers a blend of security, performance, and cloud flexibility, this alliance promises a holistic approach to enterprise network transformation.

The partnership between Kyndryl and Cloudflare was initially established in May 2023 to modernize enterprise infrastructure with managed WAN-as-a-Service and Cloudflare Zero Trust solutions across the corporate network. Building upon this foundation, both companies are now committed to driving further innovation across all technology stacks, focusing on designing, constructing, managing, and modernizing vital systems for their customers. Cloudflare’s capabilities will now be seamlessly integrated across Kyndrly’s practice areas, including Network & Edge and Security & Resilience.

Since the inception of their partnership, enterprises globally have turned to Cloudflare and Kyndryl for comprehensive network modernization, protection, and performance solutions across diverse sectors. From supply chain distribution in the US to leading financial institutions in Spain and commercial vehicle manufacturers like Ashok Leyland in India, businesses have sought their expertise.

Vinod Gopinathan, CIO at Ashok Leyland, emphasized the importance of robust and secure networks for global IT infrastructure, citing Kyndryl’s managed services combined with Cloudflare’s DDoS protection and mitigation as instrumental in maintaining seamless operations and enhanced security across their internet applications.

The Kyndryl and Cloudflare Global Strategic Alliance is poised to assist enterprises in streamlining connectivity across multiple clouds and data centers while providing robust network security. Key objectives include accelerating digital maturity and network modernization, reducing spending on private network links and appliances, extending network security to offices and data centers, and leveraging sustainable networking practices.

Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud eliminates the need for traditional networking hardware, offering a sustainable solution for enterprises. This partnership enables customers to seamlessly integrate environmental sustainability into their business model, reducing carbon emissions associated with on-premises network hardware by significant margins.

Cloudflare’s assistance in transforming Kyndryl’s network services and providing cloud cybersecurity protection, including DDoS mitigation, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of their partnership. Kyndryl has witnessed reduced IT infrastructure costs, accelerated web traffic, and improved data load balancing performance since adopting Cloudflare’s services.

Paul Savill, Global Practice Leader of Networking and Edge Compute at Kyndryl, highlighted the alliance’s focus on enabling enterprises to migrate to next-generation networks and leverage advanced cloud features for greater agility and innovation. Matt Harrell, Global Head of Channels and Alliances at Cloudflare, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the scalability and impact of Cloudflare’s services in tandem with Kyndryl’s consulting and managed network services.

In essence, the Kyndryl and Cloudflare Global Strategic Alliance stands as a beacon for enterprises seeking to navigate the complexities of network transformation and cloud innovation with confidence and efficacy.

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