Liferay launches marketplace to accelerate delivery of digital solutions


Liferay, Inc., which creates an enterprise-level, cloud-powered digital experience platform (DXP), announced today the launch of its Solutions Marketplace, which will offer accelerator solutions such as customer portals, intranets, and supply-chain solutions. This will assist businesses in launching tailored digital experiences built on the Liferay platform.

“The marketplace is a key part of Liferay’s overall vision to deliver the best cloud platform for tailored solutions. Our goal is to meet highly specialized B2B, B2C, and B2E use cases for businesses who need tailored digital solutions but don’t want to build from scratch, saving resources to focus on generating value for their customers, partners, and suppliers”, said Bryan Cheung, CEO of Liferay.

The Marketplace adds to Liferay’s low-code capabilities and extensions architecture, reducing the complexity of developing, launching, maintaining, and evolving tailored solutions on the Liferay platform.

Developed by Liferay and its partners, the solutions offered in the marketplace address business challenges in industries such as manufacturing, insurance, government, retail, and financial services. “Our partners are highly experienced in using the Liferay platform in a vast range of use cases. Marketplace empowers our customers to leverage these high-quality solutions that are already tested and utilized in the market”, added Bryan Cheung.

More than 20 solutions are available in the first phase of the Solutions Marketplace launch, with new solutions being added on a regular basis. Liferay will continue to improve their marketplace into 2023 by allowing businesses to transact and interact directly with solution providers via new Liferay Experience Cloud features.

The Liferay Marketplace, including the new Solutions Marketplace and Apps Marketplace, is now accessible at

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