ManageEngine Unveils Cloud-Based Endpoint Management for MSPs

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ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management arm of Zoho Corporation, has unveiled its latest offering, Endpoint Central MSP Cloud, aimed at providing managed service providers (MSPs) with a cloud-based solution for remote monitoring and management (RMM) of endpoints. This move aligns with the company’s vision of creating a unified platform tailored for MSPs. The cloud-based solution addresses the scalability and cost challenges associated with on-premises alternatives, allowing MSPs to efficiently monitor and manage clients’ desktops, servers, laptops, and mobile devices from a centralized location.

Endpoint Central MSP Cloud offers a comprehensive solution, enabling MSPs to automate daily management and security tasks. Mathivanan Venkatachalam, Vice President of ManageEngine, emphasizes the significance of this cloud release, stating that it allows service providers to focus on addressing clients’ IT challenges and business growth without being burdened by operational complexities.

Key features of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud include robust support for various devices and operating systems, a unified agent covering device management, security, and compliance, integral remote access and troubleshooting capabilities without additional setup or agents, extensive third-party patch automation across diverse device types and environments, and strong third-party integrations along with a vast API ecosystem for interoperability with existing technology stacks.

Per Bendixen, Senior IT Consultant at RelateIT, highlights the effectiveness of ManageEngine’s solutions in managing multiple customers and endpoints with a small IT team. As companies like RelateIT expand, the adoption of Endpoint Central MSP Cloud is anticipated to further streamline operations.

In the evolving digital landscape, MSPs often rely on a mix of specialized tools from various vendors, increasing costs and complexity. ManageEngine aims to address this by developing a unified cloud platform that integrates diverse solutions for identity and access management, RMM, professional service automation, and more. According to Venkatachalam, this platform will eliminate integration challenges, allowing MSPs to maximize revenues with minimal effort and investment.

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