Microsoft dominates Q4 2023 phishing impersonations

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Check Point Research (CPR), the intelligence division of Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. and a globally recognized cyber security solution provider, has released its Q4 2023 Brand Phishing Report. This report details the most commonly mimicked brands by cybercriminals in their schemes to pilfer personal and payment information from October to December 2023.

In the last quarter, Microsoft emerged as the foremost impersonated brand, representing 33% of all brand phishing efforts. The tech industry was the prime target, with Amazon and Google following, holding 9% and 8% respectively in the phishing attempts ranking. Additionally, social networks and the banking sector were among the other heavily targeted industries.

During Q4 2023, festive season consumer spending prompted increased targeting of retailers and courier services by cybercriminals. Notably, DHL entered the top ten, likely influenced by heightened activity around November’s shopping events. Amazon’s position is mainly credited to its annual Fall Prime Day sale, which occurred in early October.

Omer Dembinsky,

Data Group Manager at Check Point Software.

“With even basic IT knowledge, cybercriminals are adept at forging legitimate brands to dupe people through social engineering attacks. “

The growing use of AI predicts a surge in sophisticated phishing campaigns this year, closely resembling authentic corporate communications. With big names in tech, social media, and banking being prime targets for impersonation, it’s crucial for users to be cautious with emails purporting to be from trusted brands.

Top Phishing Brands
Here are the top 10 brands based on the frequency of appearances in Q4 2023’s brand phishing incidents:

  1. Microsoft (33%)
  2. Amazon (9%)
  3. Google (8%)
  4. Apple (4%)
  5. Wells Fargo (3%)
  6. LinkedIn (3%)
  7. Home Depot (3%)
  8. Facebook (3%)
  9. Netflix (2%)
  10. DHL (2%)

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