OIC-CERT Introduces Innovative Cloud Security Framework

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The OIC-CERT Cloud Security Working Group has introduced a groundbreaking Cloud Security Framework. Co-chaired by the UAE Cybersecurity Council and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt, this framework was officially launched during GITEX GLOBAL 2023 at the GISEC CISO Circle. H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity for the United Arab Emirates Government, and H.E. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Vice President of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for Cybersecurity Affairs, Egypt, played instrumental roles in spearheading this initiative since November 2022.

The primary goal of the OIC-CERT Cloud Security Framework is to revolutionize cloud security governance and compliance for member states within the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. This initiative signifies a collaborative approach to addressing the urgent challenges of risk assessment, management, and technical hurdles in cloud computing.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti emphasized the importance of this framework, stating, “The release of the OIC-CERT Cloud Security Framework marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to bolster cybersecurity in the cloud computing domain. This initiative has been a collaborative endeavor led by the UAE and Egypt, and its significance against the backdrop of digital transformation is critical, given that cloud computing powers the future digital economy by enabling other technologies such as AI. This framework offers a comprehensive approach to tackling the ever-evolving challenges of cloud security.”

H.E. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Egypt’s commitment to cybersecurity. He stated, “Cybersecurity has received great attention in the Egyptian constitution. As businesses migrate their data to the cloud, securing the cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly crucial for business continuity, data protection, and regulation. We are glad to jointly cooperate with the esteemed UAE Cyber Security Council, driving the initiative to develop this OIC-CERT Cloud Security Framework to provide high-level strategic guidance necessary for cloud development.”

In today’s digital landscape, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, quantum computing, and AI is on the rise. This trend has led to a complex and diversified cloud ecosystem with multiple vendors. Simultaneously, cloud security threats are evolving, posing greater challenges for security governance and compliance. While cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize businesses, it also introduces security risks that necessitate enhanced cloud security controls aligned with international best practices.

The meticulously crafted OIC-CERT Cloud Security Framework is designed to protect the interests of OIC member states by championing cloud security controls, standards, governance, and compliance. In a world where cloud computing is the prevailing norm, this framework offers a comprehensive strategy for navigating the complexities and inherent risks of cloud adoption. It empowers organizations and entities by enhancing productivity through improved visibility, reduced complexity, and automated risk assessment, thereby streamlining cloud management to boost operational efficiency.

Simultaneously, it mitigates risk through well-defined security control domains, ensuring transparency, measurability, and traceability in security management, ultimately facilitating a holistic and effective approach to security governance. Additionally, it enhances compliance by assisting organizations in adhering to relevant regulatory requirements within the cloud, effectively alleviating compliance-related challenges.

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