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OPPO debuts new RAM expansion technology for smartphones in MEA

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Global technology brand OPPO has introduced RAM expansion technology for smartphones  to MEA users for the first time on its Reno5 series of smartphones from June 2021. The innovative technology, RAM+, operates as an auxiliary function that allows OPPO Reno5 series users to temporarily convert a small portion of their smartphone’s read-only memory (ROM) into virtual random-access memory (RAM), maximising the phone’s effeciency and processing capabilities.

ins-OPPO-debuts-new-RAM-expansion-technology - techxmedia

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, users can easily enjoy up to 7GB of expanded RAM memory with a single click in the smartphone’s settings. Depend on the phones memory specifics, the RAM storage on Reno5 series phones can be expanded up to 7GB. Users will experience optimised performance through the enlarged RAM that supports increased data processing capability and reduces frame loss rate and fragmentation. RAM+ ensures smoother switching between apps that are running simultaneously in the background, allowing the phone’s configuration to be used to its fullest.In addition, OPPO supports three levels of adjustments in this function, providing users the flexibility to temporarily adjust the size of their RAM according to their needs.

“Smartphones today are a constant companion in our ultra-connected lives, used for everything from communication and photography to intense gaming, social media and web browsing. They are expected to cope with varying usage patterns across a wide range of consumers and provide a seamless experience at all times. Users get easily frustrated when their smartphone slows down. RAM+ can alleviate the issue by temporarily increasing RAM during data-heavy tasks such as sharing images or gaming, ensuring a smoother and more stable system running, supporting the phone’s capability.” said Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager at OPPO Middle East and Africa.

The RAM expansion function can be located in the ‘About Phone’ section within the Settings app, after updating the software to the latest version. Users need to simply select the amount of virtual RAM to be added and restart the phone to experience enhanced data processing capability.

A forward-thinking international technology company, OPPO strives to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world and have enacted positive change in every way possible through activating local community initiatives and humanitarian, charity campaigns.


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