OPPO Vows to Make Smartphones the Ultimate Personal AI Device

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OPPO has unveiled a significant commitment to democratize AI phones, emphasizing a technological revolution and ecosystem restructuring in the AI phone sector. Collaborating with industry leaders like Google, MediaTek, and IDC, OPPO aims to create a smarter, more convenient future through AI-enhanced smartphones.

 OPPO’s Pledge to Democratize AI Phones

With its extensive global reach, advanced connectivity, and multimodal capabilities, OPPO is set to revolutionize personal AI devices. Despite the prevalence of smartphones, OPPO insists that AI should be accessible to all users, not just those with flagship models. “Our goal is to make AI phones available to everyone,” stated Billy Zhang, President of Overseas MKT, Sales, and Service at OPPO. “By the end of this year, we aim to introduce generative AI features to around 50 million users.”

 Market Potential and Growth

IDC’s latest report, “Time to Democratize the Impact of AI Tech,” highlights the significant market potential for AI phones. According to IDC, shipments for AI phones priced below $1000 are expected to surge by 250% in 2024, reaching 35 million units. Generative AI is becoming an integral part of daily life, enhancing experiences across entertainment, mobile office, and more.

 Innovation and Collaboration Driving Accessibility

Over the past decade, OPPO has secured over 5,000 patents related to AI, with around 70% focusing on AI imaging. Since 2020, OPPO has been at the forefront of developing its own Large Language Models (LLMs) and has pioneered large vision and multimodal technologies. OPPO is the first smartphone company to deploy a 7-billion-parameter LLM directly on the device, introducing over 100 generative AI capabilities to its phones this year.

In partnership with Google, OPPO’s Reno12 series and the next-generation Find X Flagship will feature Google Gemini family LLMs, offering innovative AI features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summary. Collaborations with MediaTek are enhancing chip storage and computational efficiency for future OPPO flagship models. Additionally, OPPO’s partnership with Microsoft aims to improve voice and text conversion and connectivity between desktop AI and phones.

 Panel Discussion on AI Phone Advancements

OPPO hosted a panel with industry experts, including Susara van den Heever from Google Cloud, Philipp Ennen from MediaTek, and Francisco Jeronimo from IDC, to discuss how AI phones will benefit more users.

 Empowering Users with Revolutionary AI Phone Experiences

OPPO has integrated numerous innovative features into its AI phones to boost productivity and creativity. Utilizing LLMs and fast transcription technologies, users can process information more efficiently and enjoy real-time translation. Cross-device collaboration between desktop AI and phones further enhances productivity.

On the creative front, OPPO’s AI Eraser feature allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos and generate missing content seamlessly, with the feature being used an average of 15 times daily. Multimodal technology enables users to create visual and text content for social media effortlessly.

 The Future of AI Phones

The transition from smartphones to AI phones is an ongoing evolution, transforming the mobile experience. “We envision an intelligent OS embedded with AI Agents, supporting multimodal interaction and flexible third-party services,” stated Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product at OPPO. This transformation will lead to a comprehensive ecosystem restructuring of AI phones.

OPPO’s dedication to making AI phones accessible to everyone signifies a major shift in the mobile technology landscape. Through relentless innovation and strategic collaboration, OPPO is set to usher in a new era of AI-enhanced smartphones, delivering unparalleled experiences to users worldwide.

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