Oracle Cloud Applications’ Growth in the Middle East Thrives Through Collaborative Partnerships

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Middle East one of the fastest growing markets for Oracle Cloud Applications in EMEA: Cormac Watters, Executive Vice President – Business Applications, EMEA, Oracle

The Oracle CloudWorld Tour Dubai 2024 provided a platform for insights into Oracle’s strategies and engagements in the region. Among the key sessions was an interview with Cormac Watters, Executive Vice President – Cloud Applications, EMEA, and Leopoldo Boado Lama, Senior Vice President – Cloud Applications, ECEMEA at Oracle. The discussion, led by Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor at TECHx, delved into Oracle’s collaboration with local partners in the UAE and its approach to successful implementation of cloud applications.

Zehra inquired about Oracle’s collaboration with local partners in the region, especially in the UAE, to ensure the successful implementation of its cloud applications. Boado Lama emphasized the crucial role partners play in extracting customer value from Oracle’s applications. While acknowledging the excellence of their applications, he highlighted that they don’t complement themselves entirely. Partners are instrumental in bridging this gap and delivering over 75 percent of Oracle’s projects, forming a cornerstone of their success.

“Customer Success is at the core of everything we do at Oracle, and our partners accelerate the customers’ transition to cloud and drive superior customer outcomes on a global basis”, said Leopoldo Boado. Our partners leverage Oracle’s expertise to gain customer trust and extend into new markets and grow their business. Oracle incentivizes the partner to build and deliver customer-validated cloud solutions that address the customer’s specific needs.”

Boado Lama also outlined a certification program for partners, requiring them to register and ensure their consultants are trained and certified. Oracle provides a range of tools to aid partners in enhancing the implementation process, making it more efficient. The emphasis on certification and training ensures that partners have the necessary skills to deliver quality solutions to customers.

Boado Lama emphasized the expansive partner ecosystem, ranging from large organizations to local partners. He mentioned the creation of a marketplace where partners can contribute their tools and intellectual property to extend Oracle applications with local adaptations. This collaborative approach allows for a diverse and dynamic ecosystem, enhancing the overall value of Oracle’s cloud offerings.

Watters added to the discussion by highlighting the significance of the UAE in Oracle’s market share, noting that it is one of the countries with the largest market presence. He acknowledged the impressive growth Oracle has experienced in the region, especially in migrating customers to the cloud. Watters stressed the importance of partners in ensuring the success of these implementations.

Watters emphasized Oracle’s commitment to partner success, viewing it as a top priority alongside customer success. With the growth rates seen in the UAE, he expressed the need for partners to have the right resources. He underscored the importance of having partners with adequate capabilities to support the increasing demand for Oracle’s cloud applications.

The Oracle CloudWorld Tour Dubai 2024 shed light on Oracle’s collaborative approach with partners in the UAE for the successful implementation of cloud applications. The certification program, support tools, and the vibrant partner ecosystem all contribute to Oracle’s commitment to customer and partner success. As the UAE continues to be a focal point for Oracle’s market share, the company remains dedicated to ensuring that its partners have the resources and capabilities needed to drive successful implementations in this dynamic and growing market.

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