Philips-GAD partnership to initiate new healthcare transformation projects

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Philips has partnered with GAD International Co (GAD) to enhance healthcare services by offering cutting-edge technologies and innovation to AMI Healthcare Inc. hospitals (AMI).

This collaboration will provide premium cardiology services by deploying an upgraded Cathlab that combines great interventional cardiac and vascular performance on the Azurion 7, along with consistently high-quality and rapid results made possible by the adaptive intelligence of Incisive CT.

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This image-guided therapy solution will assist hospitals in Al Khobar and Al Baha in providing exceptional patient care by keeping the technologist close to the patient and increasing operational efficiency by seamlessly controlling all relevant applications from a single touch screen at table side, allowing for quick, informed decisions in the sterile field.

In addition, Philips will help AMI’s other hospitals with new healthcare transformation projects.

Philips - Philips-GAD partnership - GAD International Co - healthcare transformation projects - AMI Healthcare Inc. hospitals - techxmedia

Professor Ghannam Al-Dossari,  Chief Executive Officer, GAD International and the President of AMI Healthcare, said:  “With a shared commitment to transform healthcare and provide seamless access to state-of-art hospitals and specialized cardiac centres, we at GAD International are thrilled to have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Philips.”

Mohamed Sindi, CEO, Philips HealthCare Saudi Arabia said: “We are happy to partner with GAD international to provide elite Cardiology services starting with the Eastern region and to facilitate the new healthcare transformation projects in other hospitals operated by AMI Healthcare. These two projects will be the first cooperation with GAD International and will be the door opener for more successful projects in KSA and GCC in 2022, which will contribute to improve the cardiology services and the diagnostic imaging centers in KSA based on VISION 2030.”

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