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Poly identifies six distinct workplace personas and the emerging trends

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Poly has identified six distinct workplace personas and the emerging trends to establish the workplace technology requirements that organizations must be aware of and adapt to in a world fine-tuned by regional nuisances, pandemics, and new working methods. The six personas, which make up 92 percent of a typical business, have their personality qualities.

Businesses are better equipped to match workstyles and employee behaviors to devices and technologies by identifying the attributes, pain points, and communication intensity associated with each persona, resulting in increased organizational productivity and meeting equality for workers collaborating from multiple locations.

The six baseline personas, along with the product that would be most suited to each group based on their work style, needs, and behaviors, are:


These professionals, who account for 27% of the workforce, have a typical office-based work style that is highly collaborative in nature and open to new technology. This, however, carries with it background noise and continual interruptions, as well as the necessity to manage their communication across devices in a seamless manner. The data also point to a sharp fall in this sort of worker persona in the future, owing to an increase in their desire to work more flexibly.

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Due to their frequent remote and on-the-go work, 20 percent of the workforce is now a flexible worker who is always developing and adjusting their communications methods. They run the danger of having trouble collaborating with colleagues and missing critical workplace information. Therefore they must be “always-on” and communicate across several devices to mitigate this risk. As Office Collaborators who want to work more flexibly adjust to work at home, in the office, and abroad, the size of this persona group is anticipated to expand.

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Remote Collaborators, who make up 15% of the workforce, face successful and productive cooperation issues due to less opportunities for in-person meetings. This persona will likely increase as a result of Office Collaborators who opt to work remotely after the recent global test-and-experience phase of remote working, which was sparked chiefly by the COVID-19 epidemic. To bridge the distances between themselves and their colleagues, coworkers, and clients require different devices, unified communications, and technologies.

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Office communicators are most at ease using systems and gadgets they are familiar with, such as a desk phone. They make up 13% of the workforce; therefore it’s critical to recognize their issues, which include interruptions, background noise, and a lack of privacy in conversations. Traditional work styles changed during the epidemic, but this persona group will remain steady in the short term because they are eager to return to work.

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These tech-savvy company leaders account for about 12% of the average workforce. They travel wherever decision-making and problem-solving are required. They utilize more communication tools than any other character due to their adaptable work style. People need to stay connected across all devices, they face distractions, interruptions, and unpredictable background noise. Because executives’ urge to connect will exist, this persona type will have little impact in the future.

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Road Warriors, who make up 5% of the workforce, are always on the move, spending more than half of their time away from the office. They require solutions that are very portable and simple to use and solutions that eliminate noise and limit the risk of unstable connections. Some workers will need to travel to fulfill business duties that demand in-person contributions at times. As individuals who were unable to travel at COVID-19 return to greet customers and colleagues, the group size will stay consistent.

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The Office Independent type encompasses the remaining 8% of employees who are not covered by the six personas. People in self-directed roles with modest communication and collaboration technology demands fall into this category.

Jennifer Adams, senior sales experience and enablement director at Poly, explains: “We have been studying workplace personas for almost a decade, but never has it been as crucial as it is now to truly understand the personality types within your business and how to get the best out of them. Whilst this study was conducted during COVID-19, we believe that the behaviour shifts observed in the workplace will remain long-term. Identifying these and ensuring that everyone has the correct tools and devices to maximise efficiency and productivity is the key to a successful and efficient workforce both now and for years to come.” 


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