Pure Storage Revolutionizes Self-Service Storage Management

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Pure Storage, an IT storage solutions company, has unveiled new self-service functionalities within its Pure1 storage management platform and Evergreen portfolio. This move underscores the company’s dedication to furnishing comprehensive, software-based solutions through a unified platform interface for its global clientele.

Since its inception in 2009, Pure Storage has been instrumental in revolutionizing enterprise data storage, transitioning from a hardware-centric approach to a holistic platform delivering Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and automated software services. This strategic pivot aligns with the evolving needs of contemporary businesses, emphasizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability in storage solutions.

The latest enhancements aim to streamline operations and enhance user experiences:

1. Enhanced Self-Service Capabilities:

   – Autonomous Upgrades: Pure Storage introduces Autonomous Upgrades, simplifying the process for customers to update the Purity operating environment via the Pure1 platform, alleviating the need for manual intervention.

2. Simplified Data Resilience:

   – Ransomware Anomaly Detection: Pure1 now leverages AIOps for streamlined ransomware anomaly detection, recommending snapshots for data restoration in case of anomalies, thus eliminating manual snapshot catalog reviews.

   – Automated Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS): DRaaS 1.1 within Pure1 enables swift deployment of disaster recovery in data centers and facilitates self-service environment setup for disaster recovery in the AWS cloud.

3. Empowered Partner Experience:

   – Partner Intelligence/Performance Tracking: Beta launch of enhanced performance tracking for partners.

   – Simplified Invoice Management: New feature providing transparency across Evergreen subscriptions, aiding partners in reconciling charges.

4. Transparent Sustainability Compliance:

   – Customized C-Suite ESG Reports: Pure Storage offers customizable executive-level ESG reports, aiding IT teams in communicating the sustainability impact of their infrastructure to management and aligning with organizational goals.

Prakash Darji, General Manager, Digital Experience, Pure Storage, expressed excitement about delivering an enhanced services experience, emphasizing the elimination of IT bottlenecks through expanded self-service capabilities. Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst and CEO, NAND Research, lauded Pure Storage’s strategic shift towards self-service, recognizing it as a landmark moment in enterprise storage evolution, setting a new standard for customer empowerment.

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