Qualys highlights significance of Measurable Risk Reduction at GISEC 2023

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Qualys, Inc., a provider of disruptive cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions, is participating in the upcoming GISEC 2023 security conference on March 14-16.

Head over to Booth B74 and engage with Qualys experts to gain insights into quantifying risk and simplifying IT, security, and compliance initiatives through the company’s comprehensive cloud platform. Additionally, this year’s theme aims to educate security leaders on monitoring and assessing cyber risk in a manner that is aligned with the overall business value.

Hadi Jaafarawi, Managing Director for the Middle East at Qualys said “Every business is now a digital business, with organizations increasingly leveraging IT technologies to accelerate productivity and innovation. But for every advantage delivered by cloud-native services, the level of complexity and interconnectedness exacerbates the attack surface and introduces new threats.”

Jaafarawi added “As this digital shift continues, without signs of slowing, the level of risk to organizations explodes. CISOs must now be able to understand and communicate the potential financial impact posed by the current threat landscape to maintain a resilient security program.”  

Discover how managing assets and vulnerabilities, automating remediation and using a context-driven approach to detect and react to malicious attacks enable the Qualys Cloud Platform to identify risk levels and reduce them.

• VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk: The booth offers valuable information that can help security and IT teams prioritize and address vulnerabilities that significantly mitigate risks within their organizations. Make sure to visit and discover how Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) customers managed to decrease risk by an average of 23% and, in certain instances, up to 50%.

• CyberSecurity Asset Management 2.0: Experience new enhancements that allow organizations to continuously monitor their external attack surface and quickly remediate from a single platform.

• TotalCloud with FlexScan: Complete coverage of infrastructure using agent and agentless approaches, providing highly reliable and accurate detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. With the help of the solution, stakeholders can lower their risk by combining workloads and cloud posture into a singular risk-based metric and taking advantage of its powerful, practical insights. By automatically correcting contributions from the assets with the highest level of risk, the answer further reduces the risk profile.

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