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Relax! Our jobs won’t be taken over by robots

Artificial Intelligence Technology

By Nelson Ikechukwu Nworie

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many people are concerned about the growing threat to the human race. This notion is a common debate among AI experts, tech gurus, and AI skeptics because artificial intelligence can become more brilliant than its creators.

How will this affect humans? What will happen to civilization?

Interestingly, the dangers of AI are the subject of many science fiction books and movies. However, real-world AI is creeping into our lives and could become more intelligent than humans.

Google’s DeepMind is already beating humans at complex games like Go, with an almost limitless number of moves.

Let’s admit it while we may not be there yet, we are getting closer to AI surpassing human intelligence and having the potential to be dangerous.

But, we will always be smarter than the machines we produce and have the upper hand against them. We must have safeguards in place that keep the devices in check.  

It’s also vital to keep updating the programming on the robots to avoid stagnation. These are just a few ways to ensure the robots are kept in check; the more we can outsmart the robots, the better!

Get ready for a smarter AI world

While smart technology is still in its infancy, it’s experiencing a technological boom, with companies pumping more money into research and development. If you’re reading this, you’re likely impacted by intelligent technology, even if you aren’t aware of it. It’s already helping to augment your work, whether that’s helping to sort through data or target customers better.

Incredibly, there are several ways to prepare ourselves for the inevitable rise of a more imaginative AI world.

  • Keep up to date on the latest tech innovations since technology constantly evolves to discover newer, quicker ways of accomplishing tasks to save time and grow your business.
  • Take care to maximize your company’s data infrastructure since most AI programs will rely on good data.
  • Educate employees directly about what AI might mean for their role within your organization (and teach these lessons promptly)
  • Utilize AI effectively to position yourself as a leader in your industry
  • Understand the potential benefits of AI for a given sector

What are the common misconceptions about the future of AI?

It’s easy to imagine a future where robots and computers do all the work, and we kick back and relax, but that’s just a fantasy. While there is a lot of hype surrounding AI and machine learning, this doesn’t mean we will be automating away all the jobs.

Some of the most sought out jobs, such as doctors and nurses, will be safe. As with most new technology, there is a lot of hype and misconceptions about what it can do. While there’s a chance that AI will automate all the jobs and no one will need to work, this isn’t something we need to worry about.

It’s more likely that AI and machine learning will free up time that we can use on more creative and complex tasks, or we’ll end up working on lower-level functions that we’ve already programmed computers to do. AI can enable you to gain great insights into your business, making it stronger and more competitive.


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