Ring Smart Home Security Solutions for Pet Safety in the Middle East

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For pet enthusiasts in the Middle East, Ring presents cutting-edge Ring Smart Home Security Solutions tailored to safeguard furry companions. Featuring Advanced Motion Detection, Live View, and Two-Way Talk functionalities, Ring devices offer a seamless approach to securing homes, families, and pets.

The flourishing pet care industry, highlighted by events like the Pet World Arabia exhibition in Dubai, underscores a burgeoning trend. With the industry in the UAE alone valued at $300 million and boasting approximately 1.5 million pet owners, projections suggest an unprecedented 500% growth by 2025.

Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Ring’s Vice President – Emerging Markets, emphasizes the peace of mind provided by Ring. “Homeowners can rest assured knowing they can remotely check in on their pets, even during short errands,” says Hoda, underlining Ring’s role in alleviating pet owners’ concerns and fostering connectivity.

“Speak to Your Pets from Anywhere” is facilitated by Live View, accessible on all Ring indoor and outdoor Security Cameras. This feature enables real-time monitoring via the Ring App on smartphones, regardless of location. Additionally, Two-Way Talk allows direct communication with pets, offering reassurance or issuing commands and facilitating communication with pet caretakers.

Outdoor enthusiasts benefit from Ring’s outdoor Security Cameras, featuring wide-angle views and motion-activated LED lights for 24/7 protection. With bright lighting and Colour Night Vision, pet owners can monitor their pets’ activities day or night, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Transitioning to life with a new pet is made easier with Ring’s versatile Stick Up Cam Battery, allowing wire-free monitoring indoors or outdoors. Alternatively, the Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) provides compact yet effective surveillance with easy plug-in installation.

Moreover, Ring goes beyond surveillance by empowering pet owners to address potential health concerns. With a Ring Protect Plan subscription, customers can save, share, and download video recordings for up to 180 days, facilitating communication with veterinarians.

With user-friendly installation and a comprehensive feature set, Ring devices are the perfect addition to any pet-friendly home, offering unparalleled peace of mind to pet owners throughout the Middle East.

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