Software AG & Invexal collaborate to improve Al Busayra’s rider-as-a-service customer experiences

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Al Busayra Delivery Services, a rapidly expanding Rider-as-a-Service company that offers hassle-free last-mile delivery services to partners and customers in UAE has partnered with Software AG, a global technology company and Invexal for its customers to achieve smarter services with enhanced efficiencies. The partnership is powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT.

Al Busayra Delivery Services is focused on providing on-time, spotless, dependable, hygienic, and trackable deliveries via attractive, multilingual riders. After achieving the desired level of service quality, the organisation seeks to improve its tracking, regulating, and monitoring systems using a clever real-time solution that not only boosts operational effectiveness but also upholds client trust in its delivery methods.

Both Al Busayra and Invexal signed up with each other to co-create IoT-enabled bespoke fleet management, tracking, and controlling solutions with innovative features – backed by the wonders of preventive controls. 

Zaheer Abbas, Managing Director, Al Busayra Delivery Services said “We at Al Busayra believe in embracing technological evolution to revamp our business and to help our customer attain maximal efficiency. We reckoned that the amalgamation of Invexal’s expertise and Software AG’s advanced technologies is the right combination for our ambitions.”

Invexal with its state-of-the-art Application Cloud is building Al Busayra’s digitally twinned fleet solution powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform.

Rizwan Hassan, Managing Director, Invexal said “The powers of IoT are duly realized if the customers get a solution to their enterprise specific requirements – this is not something that off-the-shelf solutions can achieve today. We are employing our IoT proficiency to equip Al Busayra with a solution that exceeds their expectations. Incepting Al Busayra’s destined application on top of Cumulocity IoT makes our mission an easy one to accomplish.” 

Mr Vlad Postelnicu, Director Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, Software AG said “In close collaboration with Invexal and Al Busayra, the solution will enhance the speed, agility and efficiencies of the customer’s services seeking to accelerate digitization efforts and enhancing customer journeys. The core of Cumulocity IoT is in the simplicity of adaptation without compromising the inherent potential of the technology. It is the platform through which we are redefining IoT rollout by making it swift, convenient and unimaginably powerful. This will enable a new level of dynamism that will be key to accelerating services at Al Busayra.” 

Additionally, this AI-driven fleet management system will be jointly marketed by Al Busayra, Invexal, and Software AG to the world’s rapidly expanding logistics market in the UAE and elsewhere.

Invexal, a renowned IoT solutions company having proven track records of designing, developing and deploying customized end-to-end solutions, are a strategic partner to Software AG’s Cumulocity, the world’s most powerful, robust and sophisticated IoT platform. Invexal and Software AG have won customers’ delight as their “SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING IOT” on numerous occasions.

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