South Africa: Tarsus Distribution streamlines quoting with HPE iQuote for resellers

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In a move aimed at revolutionizing the quoting process for its resellers, Tarsus Distribution, South Africa’s key ICT distributor, has unveiled HPE iQuote. This powerful tool is designed to enhance the accuracy of quotes and drastically reduce turnaround time, empowering resellers to efficiently grow their HPE business.

HPE iQuote offers a user-friendly interface that allows resellers to respond swiftly to quotation requests while considering factors such as product availability, pricing, promotions, and incentives. By eliminating errors often encountered during manual calculations on spreadsheets, the tool significantly minimizes the risk of costly mistakes. It caters to resellers of all expertise levels, making it accessible to both seasoned HPE experts and novices.

The introduction of HPE iQuote brings about a transformation in the efficiency of pre-sales teams. By utilizing this system, precision is guaranteed in processing HPE server, storage, networking, software, and service orders. The tool’s flexibility extends across products, ensuring comprehensive security and catering to various user audiences, including complete SMB solutions. The integration of an increased number of technical validation checks further enhances quotation accuracy.

One of the key advantages of HPE iQuote is its speed, accuracy, and convenience. Resellers can now self-configure, log on, and access accurate pricing and stock level indicators 24/7, irrespective of their location, eliminating the need for direct communication. Additionally, HPE iQuote seamlessly integrates with HPE Flex Offers, a promotional engine that provides custom configurations at competitive prices, quickly shipped directly from Tarsus Distribution’s inventory.

Tarsus Distribution’s commitment to delivering simple solutions that streamline processes and eliminate errors is evident in the introduction of HPE iQuote. The company’s fully accessible HPE experience, spanning pre-sales, business development, stocking, channel credits, start-up services, and installation, sets it apart from other local distributors, empowering its channel partners.

By deploying HPE iQuote, Tarsus Distribution extends access to the HPE enterprise offering managed by their business unit manager, Chris Larkins, to a broader spectrum of channel partners. This move is part of their broader mission to provide customers with a fully digital experience, as digitization drives transformative shifts in customer behavior and interactions. The Tarsus Distribution Portal, a self-service platform, enhances relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers, fostering satisfaction and increased profitability for all stakeholders.

With HPE iQuote paving the way for an efficient and accurate quoting process, Tarsus Distribution is setting the standard for distributor excellence in the local market. Follow for more updates on their innovative solutions and continued commitment to empowering their partners.

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