How to keep Generation Alpha engaged in learning?

“The education industryis currently undertaking the largest experiment of its kind in the last 100 years,a transformation born out of necessity as schools and colleges had to shift to remote learning in a very short period of time. The increasing reliance on technology is prompting some educators to reconsider the method of learning,” said Lteif.

North Carolina Educators applaud UAE-based Alef Education

Jamie Graber, a math teacher at Polk County Middle School in North Carolina, says: “I think Alef Math paired with targeted lessons is helping students to apply the content they learn. Alef Math allows students to review the content taught and practice without fear of failure. Alef also provides students an opportunity for deeper application after the basic concept is understood.”

Alef Education transforms Indonesia’s education sector to digital learning

Alef Education is committed to transforming the global education industry, and the entry into Indonesia is by far the largest and most strategic international expansion to date; excited to extend services to Indonesian schools and look forward to the students experiencing a new approach to learning through the Platform. Alef Platform is a digital learning partner for schools .

Alef Education bags SIIA CODiE Awards 2021

The Alef is a learning platform that provides personalized learning experiences for all students so they learn at their own pace anytime and anywhere. The platform gives students innovative ways to comprehend difficult lessons by breaking down content and using effective learning techniques. The Alef Platform can provide invaluable insights to parents and teachers on each student’s aptitudes and skills.

Alef Education announces 2nd annual edition of its industry awards

Coinciding with the UAE’s ‘Year of the 50th’, the Alef Education Award aims to acknowledge and reward schools, educators, and students in the public sector for excelling at digital teaching and learning practices via the award-winning Alef Platform. The Alef Education Award was launched last year, given the increased importance of distance learning in the UAE