Panasonic completes acquisition of Blue Yonder

Panasonic has now bought the full 80 percent of Blue Yonder’s shares, in addition to the 20 percent it acquired in July 2020. Blue Yonder is worth USD8.5 billion as a result of the deal.

NUPCO pilots its vision with Blue Yonder to provide the best medical supplies

“We were seeking solutions that would allow us to provide the highest quality services to our hospital customers to in turn help them provide the best health care service in the Kingdom. Our customers will gain visibility into inventory to better plan for demand to meet their objectives – in turn helping us meet our Vision 2030,” said Fahad M. AlButhi.

Panasonic and Blue Yonder team up for enhanced sales and operations

The company provides customized products to enterprise users with high quality and close customer service. However, providing a wide range of customizable models resulted in long lead times and difficulty in calculating available to promise (ATP).

Blue Yonder acquires Yantriks to bring dynamic commerce

With this combined offering, companies can integrate all their supply chain assets to deliver a differentiated experience to their customers right at the beginning of the shopping process.