Panasonic and Blue Yonder team up for enhanced sales and operations


Panasonic Corporation and Blue Yonder have announced that Panasonic’s Mobile Solutions Business Division (MSBD) has implemented several Blue Yonder LuminateTM Planning solutions focusing on sales & operations planning. Gradual operation of these supply chain solutions began in October with full operation planned for December 2020.

Part of Panasonic’s Connected Solutions Company, MSBD manufactures and sells the “Lets note” brand of notebook PCs, and the TOUGHBOOK brand of rugged mobile computers which are sold around the world. The company provides customized products to enterprise users with high quality and close customer service. However, providing a wide range of customizable models resulted in long lead times and difficulty in calculating available to promise (ATP).

With Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning solutions, MSBD expects to shorten lead times for product deliveries to enterprise customers, expedite ATP time and reduce inventory disposal losses. Through this, Panasonic aims to further increase its customer satisfaction levels* and strengthen its competitiveness.MSBD will also realize increased accuracy of its global supply chain operations, which previously had relied on labor-intensive coordination of planning management systems that differed by region.

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To accomplish this, Blue Yonder met with Panasonic to assess the state of operations, analyze the issues, and understand the business vision and direction. From this collaboration, they identified the three key areas of focus for this project: supply chain efficiency, agility and automation.

“From the initial assessment all the way to implementation, at each step Blue Yonder’s global team worked closely in unison with us,” stated Hiroaki Sakamoto, director of Panasonic’s Mobile Solutions Business Division. “Their deep understanding of our frontline operations and strong consultation drove the success of this project. More than just a software vendor, Blue Yonder was an invaluable partner in realizing our global supply chain process innovation.”

With Blue Yonder, MSBD anticipates it will heighten production planning accuracy, reduce global delivery lead times, simplify the planning process and realize 10% reduction of inventory disposal loss compared to FY2018 levels. In addition, MSBD will be able to provide even greater customer satisfaction and strengthen its competitiveness.

“By implementing our Luminate Planning solutions, MSBD is on track to meet three key objectives: enhance customer satisfaction, reduce inventory and disposal losses, and increase sales by thoroughly meeting order promises,” said Wayne Usie, executive vice president, Market Development, Blue Yonder. “Panasonic has not only been a customer and partner, they became an investor into our company as well. We are looking forward to continuing to support Panasonic and MSBD as they further automate their supply chain to meet the needs of their business and customers.”

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