ESET finds Python repo serving cyberespionage

ESET Research has uncovered a collection of malicious Python projects […]

Tenable research says over 40 billion records were vulnerable in 2021

Migration to cloud platforms, reliance on managed service providers, software and infrastructure as a service have all changed how organizations must think about and secure the perimeter,” explains Claire Tills.

ESET reveals FamousSparrow is spying on hotels, governments, and companies

FamousSparrow began exploiting the vulnerabilities on March 3, 2021, the day after the fixes were released, indicating that it was yet another APT organization that had access to the information of the ProxyLogon vulnerability chain.

ESET research finds CDRThief, malware targeting Chinese VoIP platform

This new malware, named CDRThief by ESET, is designed to target a very specific VoIP platform used by two China-made softswitches (software switches): Linknat VOS2009 and VOS3000.