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du provides Ericsson’s new radio to reduce network carbon footprint

This collaboration is in line with UAE’s long-term sustainability policy and is part of du’s ambition to simplify network rollout and efficiently handle the expected surge in data traffic across its 5G network. Ericsson demonstrated decreased power consumption benefits utilizing lightweight Massive MIMO radios as part of this agreement. This will allow du to use their 5G quickly and efficiently.

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du reaffirms employee well being with Fakeeh University Hospital partnership

Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, said: “This is an exciting moment for us as we further establish ourselves as a leading center of medical excellence and patient-centric care in the country. In becoming the exclusive healthcare provider for all du employees and members, we extend our 43-year legacy with the aim of continuously building strong relationships within the communities we serve.”

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du announces 5G network is now available in Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai, which stands over 250 metres tall, is the latest addition to Dubai’s skyline of world-record-breaking attractions. Du’s network will enrich countless tourists’ experiences by providing unique views of the city’s prominent sights from indoor, air-conditioned cabins. Because Ain Dubai is constantly rotating, traditional wired indoor mobile solutions cannot be utilised due to the wheel construction.

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du mobile network enhances as fastest of its kind in the UAE

Saleem AlBlooshi said: “Mobile networks have evolved continuously ever since their inception, yet recent advancements have transpired at an unprecedented pace, with demands for capabilities these networks provide at their highest ever point. As such, du has strived to deliver newfound value through its own mobile network and consolidate its position as leading specialist and provider in this specific area.”

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