Pre-GITEX Interview with James Petter from Pure Storage

TECHx secured an exclusive interview with James Petter, VP International, Pure Storage, as part of its pre-GITEX coverage to learn more about what Pure has been up to. Take a look at the responses we received.

‘How Oceain is using Artificial Intelligence in hiring process’ – Interview with MD

Oceain is a digital transformation platform that combines artificial intelligence and psychometrics to deliver competency-based outcomes and deep human personality insights to the organizations. We asked Ian Hogan, Managing Director of Oceain Personality Insights, a few questions on how artificial intelligence is being used to make the recruiting process easier. The replies are listed below.

DIFC and Mastercard collaborate to enhance cybersecurity efforts globally

This partnership between DIFC and Mastercard will help boost cyber readiness and resilience across the financial industry, enabling effective cyber security oversight through the Dubai Financial Services Authority Threat Intelligence Platform. The Global Cyber Forward programme combines Mastercard’s cutting-edge capabilities in cyber security with those of leading public sector organisations to create secure digital eco-systems.

2021 technology predictions from top Nutanix executives

This coming year, cloud computing will gain rapid ground in pharma companies to further enhance collaboration between competing firms sharing information and knowledge to expedite drug discovery.

Palo Alto Networks comments on GDPR second anniversary

What’s striking to me is still how few organisations really know where their data sits in the cloud, who has access to it, and remain confused about their security responsibilities. For many Covid-19 has accelerated this process, challenging security teams’ readiness because of a shift in focus and a more distributed workforce.