Abudawood nurtures the geographical expansion with Infor and SNS

Abudawood chose Infor WMS because of its extensive ability to handle third-party logistics (3PL) activities, as well as demand replenishment capabilities that allow the dynamic assignment of pick locations and auto move technology that helps Ferrero products thaw. SNS was picked because of its extensive warehouse management skills and knowledge of Abudawood’s business peculiarities and issues.

KSA’s SACO & MEDSCAN advance warehouse management with SNS and Infor

“The advanced functionality in Infor WMS ensures consistency across our operations, supporting bills of materials, picking, put-aways and loading processes using unique codes and integrating seamlessly with our ERP platform, to drive efficiency across our business. The deployed enterprise integration platform and Infor WMS facilitates collaboration and visibility to ensure consistency and performance both within and beyond operations,” comments Ibrahim Mahmoud.

Infor positions as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS

“Despite being a very mature market, WMS offerings continue to differ in areas like usability, adaptability, decision support, scalability both up and down market, and life cycle costs,” Gartner states in the report.