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OIC-CERT 5G Security WG completes the new 5G Security Framework

Eng. Badar Ali Al-Salehi, the Chairman of the OIC-CERT said, “It has been eluded on many platforms and occasions that the only way to solve the ever increasing cybersecurity challenge is through collaboration. The OIC-CERT 5G Security working group affirms this viewpoint and we are seeing remarkable progress in addressing some of the security concerns around 5G in general.”

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Jacob Chacko - Aruba - Mobility - SD-WAN - 5G - edge computing - techxmedia

Mobility and SD-WAN: Is SD-WAN the super glue that will bring 5G and all the edges together?

An SD-WAN enables automation will help service providers to easily connect to and integrate across all different compute edges required to optimize traffic and management of 5G cells. This will enable seamless transition toward a full 5G infrastructure by managing any transport available across the edge, leveraging 5G transport for those critical applications that require zero latency and higher speeds.

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