Tech Mahindra, AWS Unveil Global Sports Cloud for Fans

Tech Mahindra has unveiled a cutting-edge Sports Cloud Platform, developed […]

IoT Made Simple: Ensuring Security with Ease for Devices

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Kill Switch Behind IoT Botnet Mozi’s Demise

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FIVE Tech Trends Unfolding in 2024

Fueled by leaps in computing prowess, data acquisition, and interconnectedness, we find ourselves on the cusp of remarkable shifts. Here, we unravel five pivotal trends to monitor as we step into the realm of 2024 and beyond.

Logsquare and Addverb Form Strategic Partnership to Enhance Middle East Presence

Global warehouse automation solutions provider, Addverb, has entered into a strategic collaboration with logistics solutions system integrator, Logsquare, aimed at expanding their market influence in the Middle East.