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Dubai government celebrates innovation and digitization by JAGGAER/Tejari

Hany Mosbeh, Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa JAGGAER, said: “At the core of digital procurement is innovation. We, therefore, need to constantly push the boundaries to ensure solutions focus on the business challenges, processes and people to ensure positive business outcomes and results. We are incredibly proud of our longstanding partnership with the Dubai Government.”

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Fujairah E-Government joins strategic agreement with JAGGAER

“Autonomy and connectivity across our entire procurement supply chain are of the utmost importance – the JAGGAER ONE system provides the tools to develop more insightful supplier relationships with a flexible and intelligent system. We can also ensure on-time delivery through their sourcing technology, which enables us to deliver the best services while also driving additional value,” said Saif Al Sharqi.

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JAGGAER inked MoU with Bridge Medical GPO at GITEX

JAGGAER is delighted to partner with Bridge Medical GPO to deliver unique and innovative service in the Middle East. JAGGAER is committed to utilizing the latest technology and innovation to support organizational procurement goals. This dovetails extremely well with Bridge Medical GPO who have built a business model focused on optimizing supply chain costs within the healthcare industry.

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Hany Mosbeh - Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa - JAGGAER - techxmedia

JAGGAER highlights procurement technology advances at Arab Health

Hany Mosbeh, Vice President of Sales Middle East & Africa, JAGGAER, said: “The healthcare sector is increasingly adopting disruptive technologies into the IoMT ecosystem including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and robotic process automation (RPA). From a procurement perspective, these technologies are also being utilised in our systems, having far-reaching benefits for the healthcare industry.”

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Hany Mosbeh - Vice President Sales - Middle East - Africa - JAGGAER - techxmedia

JAGGAER launches eSupply to connect Middle East SMEs with Dubai Government entities

The platform will now provide real-time data for site visitors including active suppliers, current opportunities, running requests for information (RFI’s) and requests for quotes (RFQ’s). The website also offers support contact details for Arabic, English, French and Hindu. In addition, the platform also provides more succinct registration and login processes, outlines the range of participating Government entities.

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