LG offers smart home technology for an eco-friendly living

Many people are discouraged from going green because they believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle will be too difficult. LG Electronics (LG) intends to debunk that stereotype by demonstrating that making greener choices does not have to be difficult, as today’s smart home technology makes it easier than ever to go green at home.

Energy saving solutions for a sustainable home

LG Electronics (LG) strives to make consumers’ homes the ideal setting for any occasion or season. Design your home with cutting-edge technology that allows you to take control of your environment and discover a smarter way of life. The LG ThinQ app allows you to manage all of your devices in one place, whether you’re at home, on the go, or on vacation.

LG unveils first-ever QNED Mini LED TVs in the UAE

LG QNED Mini LED TVs are certified by worldwide product testing organisation Intertek to provide 100% colour volume and colour consistency, as well as eliminating colour distortion across a wide viewing angle.

LG’s PuriCare Air Purifiers ensuring clean air at home and on-the-go

Recognizing that people require clean air wherever they go, LG Electronics (LG) has developed an innovative series of air purifiers, including the PuriCare 360°, PuriCare Commercial Air Purifier, and PuriCare Wearable.