Prakash Ramamurthy - Chief Product Officer - Freshworks - Freshworks CRM - e-commerce - Shopify App Store - Shopify - Techxmedia

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce now available on the Shopify App Store

Freshworks Inc., a software company that empowers the people who power businesses, announced that Freshworks CRM for e-commerce is now available on the Shopify App Store. The solution integrates with Shopify directly to provide its millions of merchants with a unified CRM that enables live conversational support, marketing, and sales wherever and whenever consumers want to buy online.

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Piyush Pathak - Founder & CEO - CommerceUp - e-Commerce 2.0 - MENA - e-commerce startup - techxmedia

Redefining e-Commerce 2.0 – CommerceUp debuts in MENA region

CommerceUp’s technology ensures support for the three pillars of e-commerce: online storefront, post-checkout operations, and customer and sales growth. It provides a single platform that is integrated with key tools, eliminating the need for plugins. Companies can build their websites, social media accounts, and mobile applications on its low-cost platform without the need for an in-house technical team, resulting in significant cost savings.

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