BD to highlight its innovation at Patient Safety Congress 2021

“The situation that we have been through in last two years has demonstrated that healthcare is the heart of the region’s growth and has highlighted the necessity for advanced MedTech adoption to strengthen the health sector’s standing. Avenues like the Patient Safety Congress are critical for raising awareness about the needs and improvements required for patient safety.” Said Maher Elhassan.

BD announces Patient Safety Awareness Campaign across the MENA

BD is using a three-pronged approach to raise patient safety awareness as part of this programme. Educating Healthcare Care Professionals (HCPs) on how medical technology innovations can help reduce medication errors and infections, as well as increase diagnostic accuracy, while addressing care and safety across all stages of the patient journey, will be one of the company’s engagement activities.

Sensitive plastic surgery photos exposed online

Researchers at vpnMentor, who uncovered the leak, were able to access some 900,000 individual records. These ranged from before-and-after images and videos of cosmetic procedures to materials of a highly sensitive nature, including graphic photos of the patients’ private body parts. The origin of the records is not clear but it can be assumed that the leak affected NextMotion clients.