Renowned digital artist Alexis Christodoulou joins Bedu

Bedu, the Dubai-based Metaverse company and Middle East Web3 technologies, announced the appointment of renowned digital artist Alexis Christodoulou as creative lead on the company’s pioneering Metaverse project, “2117.”

NFT spending continues to soar in 2022

According to the report, collectors have sent over US$37 billion to NFT marketplaces as of May 1, putting them on track to surpass the total of US$40 billion sent in 2021.

Region’s most impactful blockchain-fintech event is all set to take place in Dubai

Outside the Block (OTB) event, organised by Welups Foundation and Omanee Corporation as the strategic partner, is all set to take place on March 31st, 2022, in Dubai.

First Wikipedia edit to be sold as an NFT

The internet entrepreneur has partnered with an online auction site called Christie to sell the newly minted digital token. This token is a special edition strawberry iMac used to launch the first-ever Wikipedia.

Future trends in 2022 within the blockchain and crypto sphere

The decentralized applications (dApps) running on blockchain allow anyone in the world to lend, borrow, save, trade using digital assets without the need for permission and irrespective of their geographic location. The centralized monetary service entities such as banks are going to disappear under the shadow of the new encompassing decentralized system provided by innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.