How AI and data analytics hold the key to competitive advantage in business

Considering the hard-hitting business landscape of today, individuals are always seeking ways to gain a competitive edge to get ahead or stay relevant to their target consumers. One of the most promising areas for achieving that edge is the strategic use of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Streamlining Interactions

Jadd Elliot Dib, Founder, and CEO of Pangaea X shares an update on the latest features of his platform that will transform how clients will interact with freelancers through actionable real-time insights, content & industry updates.

Pangaea X launches new website and platform

By combining data collecting, aggregation, machine learning, and predictive analytics, the information is updated in real-time and provides insights and recommendations. This makes it simple for potential clients to locate essential information.

Pangaea X launches’ Virtual Teams’

Jadd Elliot Dib Founder & CEO at Pangaea X said: “The UAE is one of the most lucrative freelancer markets in the world with a big appetite for talent in the technology sector”.

The Power of Data

Data analysis, whether it is for your online or offline business, helps you draw a near-accurate marketing strategy. This means you can target the right audiences for your business with the correct blend of products or services.