Tamer Group finds in Aruba an ideal tech partner

In addition to being the official distributor for several global leading healthcare, beauty, and fast-moving consumer goods in the region, Tamer Group manufactures its own line of pharmaceutical products.

Salesforce says only 23% of consumers completely trust the health industry

Despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies generated great advances during the pandemic, including the delivery of the first FDA-approved mRNA vaccines, consumer faith in pharmaceutical businesses was at an all-time low. Only 58 percent of health customers have faith in the pharmaceutical corporations with whom they deal. Even fewer people have perfect faith in pharmaceutical corporations.

GE Healthcare – ADI showroom in Dubai deploys advanced surgery equipment

The showroom features sophisticated surgical imaging systems that ensure high-quality images and streamline workflow for the changing surgical demands, and small all-in-one transportable C-arm that provides Clear View of anatomy in a variety of surgical scenarios.The showroom is designed as an Operating Room (OR), with surgical table, ceiling hung lighting, and a laparoscopy unit as part of the room’s equipment.

Cybersecurity threats to remote workers in the pharmaceutical industry

Cybercriminals are capitalizing on the expanded attack surface and “reversed” networks, caused, in part, by the increased number of remote workers within the pharmaceutical industry. With everyone distracted by remote work, cybercriminals see opportunities to attack and steal valuable research and intellectual property. One of their most well-known tactics involves distributing ransomware designed to freeze organizations and interrupt or steal research and developments.

Healthcare drive sees Dubai Science Park attract top global companies in 2020

Top global companies joined Dubai Science Park, last year as the importance of science, technology and medical innovation came to the fore. Many existing business partners also expanded their presence, opening new offices and innovation centres to develop new products as Dubai reinforced its position as an attractive destination for healthcare-focused companies.