Zofeur Expands ‘Pay-per-minute’ Drivers to Abu Dhabi

Zofeur, the innovative Dubai-based startup renowned for its distinctive “Pay-per-minute” […]

Virgin Mobile MEA launches as first MVNO in the Kuwait

Early registration of numbers indicates a strong market appetite for innovative new mobile services. Now that these services are available, both early registrants and new customers can enjoy the Virgin Mobile experience.Funding for the expansion into Kuwait was provided by Wafra International Investment Company, Impulse International for Telecommunications and Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa.

Delinea worldwide channel momentum continues to deliver substantial growth

Privileged access management is the center of many cybersecurity strategies. Our partners help organizations secure their digital transformation, bringing them the benefits of readily customizable, scalable, and robust PAM solutions.

F5 unveils cloud-native network functions for modern telco workloads

F5 BIG-IP Next CNFs are built on completely rearchitected versions of F5’s trusted security and traffic management functions. They were built from the ground up to be cloud-native, and will eventually be cloud- and platform-agnostic. This means that F5’s extensive set of capabilities and functionalities will be available through the new CNF products to assist customers in accelerating and securing 5G deployment.

Huawei Forum covers digital wave, operations transformation techniques

The Forum aimed to provide a channel of communication between carriers and industry partners in order to share information, experiences, and best practises to continually generate value for service providers and assist carriers.