Zofeur Expands ‘Pay-per-minute’ Drivers to Abu Dhabi

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Zofeur, the innovative Dubai-based startup renowned for its distinctive “Pay-per-minute” driver services without any usage or commitment minimums, has expanded its operations to Abu Dhabi. This strategic move signifies a significant achievement for Zofeur, as it widens its flexible, on-demand driver services to a broader audience. Residents of the UAE capital can now instantly hire personal chauffeurs through the Zofeur mobile app, enjoying the convenience of utilizing their private vehicles for any duration, be it 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days. The expansion also emphasizes Zofeur’s commitment to safety, ensuring that Abu Dhabi users have access to secure, professional, and extensively trained chauffeurs, with all trips fully insured.

Zofeur has carved a distinctive niche in the transportation sector by catering to individuals who highly value the comfort of their own vehicles. This move into Abu Dhabi builds upon the brand’s success in Dubai, offering a dynamic marketplace for on-demand personal chauffeurs and providing users with immediate access to a vast network of professionals across the city. These chauffeurs are proficient in handling diverse tasks, ranging from after-party pickups and business meeting commutes to inter-city travels.

Building on its success in Dubai, Zofeur introduces a new feature for Abu Dhabi residents and visitors, allowing them to hire drivers for one-way trips. This added flexibility supports various travel needs, including inter-city journeys between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, enhancing user convenience. Zofeur’s commitment to fully insured trips complements its rigorous professional training and vetting process for each driver, ensuring a premium experience that prioritizes customer well-being.

The platform’s chauffeurs go beyond traditional driving services, managing tasks such as taking vehicles to the garage for maintenance or repairs and conducting inspections. This comprehensive approach enhances user comfort, convenience, and safety, enabling them to focus on their essential activities while entrusting Zofeur with their vehicular needs.

Businesses in Abu Dhabi, including corporates, car resellers, garages, and F&B outlets, can now explore strategic partnership opportunities with Zofeur’s chauffeurs to enhance their service offerings.

With this expansion into the UAE’s capital, Zofeur aims to increase its geographical footprint, improve the car ownership experience, and create numerous job opportunities for drivers. Abu Dhabi residents and visitors can now enjoy a new era of convenience, safety, and flexibility in their daily travel, contributing to the emirate’s evolving mobility landscape.

Zofeur’s mobile app is available for download on iOS and Play Store. For more information, please visit https://www.zofeur.com.

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