TAMM launches new campaign on International Day of Older Persons


The Abu Dhabi Government Services ecosystem, “TAMM” has launched an awareness campaign targeting senior citizens in Abu Dhabi to highlight and introduce a new generation of digital government services available through “TAMM” to enable them to seamlessly access these services from a single platform without having to leave their homes.

In recognition of the International Day of Older Persons, which is being celebrated around the world on October 1, the initiative aims to raise awareness by encouraging senior citizens to access and complete government services using the “TAMM” digital portal or the smart devices app.

The awareness campaign reflects the importance of senior citizens who have played an integral role in establishing Abu Dhabi as a leading global destination to work and live in. In recognition of their hard efforts and creating a better life for everyone, the awareness campaign will enable the senior citizens to receive valuable support from the entire Abu Dhabi society so they can complete the government services digitally, and take advantage of such convenient time-saving options.

The launch of this campaign comes under the supervision of The Higher Committee of Digital Government and is aligned with its efforts in activating a digital transformation governance framework in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, providing new concepts of government services and moving towards a digital future.

Among the many government services they can access are the ones provided by the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund, where senior citizens can request a ‘To Whom It May Concern’ letter for a detailed pension, end-of-service certificate, and a Pensioner or Beneficiary card.

Military pensioners can discover a range of services offered by the Department of Finance, such as obtaining a salary certificate, a yearly pensioner declaration, and the ability to update their data.

In addition, senior citizens can search and apply for suitable opportunities for partial employment and volunteering roles by completing the ‘Senior Citizen’s Capabilities Investment Application’ form provided by the Family Development Foundation. Through the ‘Wisdom Council Membership’ application, also provided by the Family Development Foundation, senior citizens can offer to become a representative for other senior citizens in nearby areas and organise social programmes.

Senior citizens can also take advantage of the ability to buy food products at affordable rates by completing the ‘Request to Buy Subsidized Food’ service. In a service provided by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, all orders are delivered directly to the senior citizen’s doorstep.

Another service available via “TAMM” is the ‘Request for Retirement Exemption’ for housing loans, provided by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority.

Senior citizens can contact “TAMM” on 800 555 and request a ‘Digital Agent’ where they can receive assistance in setting up a UAE Pass account and access and complete government services. The ‘TAMM Digital Agent’ is part of the ‘TAMM Cares’ initiative, which was recently launched to help guide and support consumers in completing government services more efficiently and smoothly.

Rolling out these services on “TAMM” will significantly facilitate the daily lives of senior citizens, who are highly regarded in Abu Dhabi society. It will also help them to become more familiar with using a unified digital platform to complete all government services from any location.

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