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2020 has been a year like no other for obvious reasons. When billions of people were locked in their homes this year observing social distancing rules, technology kept everyone connected digitally whether it was a remote working scenario, online learning classes or virtual events and conferences. Despite the social distancing and lock-down, the very intelligent breed of living-beings, humans found their ways to stay connected through various online platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet etc.

As the holiday season began, people tried to look for ways which could fill the gap between families & friends staying in different cities or countries without affecting their celebrations.

Here are the five brilliant ideas supported by technology that are keeping people connected during Christmas and New Year Holidays amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual parties

Reconnecting with loved ones, virtual parties is the most commonly practiced idea this year. People are throwing great virtual parties for their colleagues, friends, and family to keep the holiday spirit alive. With innumerable ideas flooding the internet, costume dress-up, baking competitions, virtual games and virtual quizzes are the most popular ones.

Online Shopping

When people were not able to make it to the mall this holiday season, tech supported the shoppers/gift-givers in their festive season shopping with innumerable online shopping platforms. The huge increase in e-commerce sales this year demonstrates how tech has familiarized consumers with online shopping techniques.

Online gaming competition

Unlike other years, 2020 is the year of celebrating festivals from the comfort of your home. Rejoicing with your loved ones over video conferencing is a completely different experience. You just need to do the required brainstorming, some online research and innumerable fun ideas are waiting for you to make your holiday season worth remembering. Karaoke, Christmas quiz, virtual Christmas BINGO and never have I ever to name a few.

Conference calls

Even though miles apart – but a screen connects the hearts. Where COVID-19 restrictions and travel bans have left most of the people living away from families disheartened, technology eased the pain with multiple digital solutions aiding the distanced loved ones.

When an in-person meeting is not possible, the rejuvenating virtual gatherings are keeping people connected this holiday season. With Christmas trees and carols playing in the background of your virtual call, technology is making Christmas fun this year too.

Virtual Secret Santa

HO HO HO! Is this even Christmas if there is no gift exchange? The in-person exchange of gifts might not happen in most parts of the world this year but ‘The Virtual Secret Santa’ is there for his children. Thankfully with mind-blowing technology around us, it is still possible to exchange gifts virtually by hosting a ‘Secret Santa Party’. Many applications are there to digitally pair you with your gift exchange partner.

Maintain the tradition of celebrations this year too with the above tech tips and keep the festive spirit high.

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