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The role of AI in video games

Artificial Intelligence Technology

By Omar Abdullah

During the development of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, an unusual thing occurred. While testing a build, game director Eric Baptizat noticed that two non-player characters were following him everywhere. Regardless of where he went or what he did, these warriors were always there. It seemed that something in Ubisoft’s MetaAI, which gives NPCs ability to persist in a game world, had made them zealous followers. Baptizat, becoming frustrated, travelled to the other side of the country to rid himself of them. They appeared ten minutes later. To reach him, they trekked through England. He was their leader and their hero. In spite of the fact that no one intended that to happen, it tells us a lot about where artificial intelligence in video games stands today and how to improve it. Here are some AI-based technologies that video game companies can use in the future.

Gaming on Blockchain: As blockchain is becoming more prevalent in the gaming industry, gaming developers will soon be joining forces with gamers. In this way, they will be able to establish their true ownership of items purchased from the games and earn from them, adding real economic value to their digital assets. If you want to explore the play2earn blockchain gaming universe, you will eventually encounter Axie Infinity. In the Philippines, it is the most popular play2earn game, and it has been well-received worldwide as well. In order to start playing, players must acquire three Axies (monsters) from the built-in marketplace.

Gamewear: Devices like smartwatches and fitbits revolutionised the wearable market when they were introduced. Now, this technology is moving towards entertainment. Virtual Reality is entering a new era with Oculus Quest, which lets you immerse yourself in virtual worlds. With its four ultra-wide-angle sensors and the ability to track everything around your head, including your back, the Oculus Quest is an all-in-one PC-quality VR device.

VR Gaming: WBUR reports that VR gaming aims to provide players with an immersive experience. By playing VR games, you’ll have the opportunity to live stories rather than just watch them. With Jurassic World, explore the familiar Jurassic terrain from 360 degrees. A motion controller, a stunt baton controller attachment, and a 360 VR headset come with this all-in-one VR experience. Fight off hungry velociraptors in the jungle or hold off a pursuing t-rex on your way to the visitor center with the game-themed motion controller. Will you succeed in completing your mission and making it to the rendezvous point, or will the island’s most dangerous predators devour you?

Payment methods through digital wallets: Due to technological advancements, online fans have access to safer and more convenient methods of payment. In these modern times, it is possible to make payments safely and quickly over the internet using secure and lightning-fast methods. Most people prefer to use their credit and debit cards for online transactions, but casinos now offer even more secure ways to make payments, such as bitcoin and digital wallets. Other options include PayPal and Neteller. Those are some convenient payment options.

Improved Security through Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition: New technologies have made gaming safer. With technology, we have been able to block the possibility of cyber fraud and hacking. It is likely that things such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, and many others will be used in the near future to help customers keep their information safe, thereby building trust in the online gaming industry.

In the coming years, the demand for online games, the proliferation of mobile applications, and the expansion of gaming industries in the US, the UK, Italy, China, and the SAR will encourage more players to enter the market. Since the advent of the video game industry, Japan has set the trends. A variety of genres, franchises, and studios were pioneered in the country, including the development of consoles, video games, and studios. The future of gaming lies in Esports and MMOs, and Japan is attempting to adapt to these genres to remain a gaming powerhouse.


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