UAE Businesses Prioritize AI Regulation, New Research Shows

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Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), the company specializing in the Analytics Cloud Platform, has unveiled insights from a recent independent study that identifies the crucial AI strategies shaping the future landscape of enterprises. The research, titled “Defining the Enterprise of the Future,” draws on data collected from 2800 IT and business decision-makers worldwide to outline a three-year roadmap for how enterprises will function in an era dominated by AI-driven intelligence.

The evolution of enterprises is being influenced equally by both innovation and regulation.

Innovation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future enterprise, with nearly 59% of business leaders in the UAE expressing intentions to increase investments in advanced technology. An overwhelming 82% acknowledge the current impact of AI on their organizational capabilities, and 45% plan to invest in advanced technologies, including AI, to adapt to dynamic market conditions.

AI is undeniably permeating all sectors and business functions, as indicated by 49% of respondents foreseeing its pervasive use. However, ethical considerations surrounding data privacy (47%), transparency (40%), and data governance (36%) have shifted the focus to the regulatory landscape. A notable 87% of UAE business leaders believe that sector-specific regulations and standards for AI usage, including generative AI, should be developed, with 93% seeing such policies as essential for responsible AI implementation. Additionally, 50% express concerns about potential legal and ethical consequences in the absence of an ethical AI framework.

AI is shaping the essential skill sets required for the future enterprise.

Despite regulatory concerns, AI is significantly influencing the key skill sets needed for the future enterprise. While envisioning an AI-driven future, 35% of businesses are most excited about AI Automation in data analysis, followed by 29% expressing enthusiasm for advancements in AI and ML, and 27% highlighting increased data volume and variety as beneficial. In preparation for a data-driven future, organizations are shifting toward hiring multi-skilled employees, with 73% of UAE business leaders emphasizing the importance of versatility over specialization. Alongside technical skills like AI and ML (28%), computer software (27%), and data analysis and mining (25%), there is a growing demand for soft skills such as digital literacy (26%), team leadership (26%), and critical thinking (19%).

Karl Crowther, VP of MEA at Alteryx, emphasizes the multifaceted approach needed for success, stating, “There is no single solution to success, but the research highlights some key plays UAE business leaders need to home in on to build a truly AI-driven enterprise. Regulation will play a key role in the successful implementation of AI and will be just as much of a priority as innovation is for leaders.” Crowther underscores the necessity for a comprehensive, data-driven decision-making approach, enabling the entire workforce to leverage AI technology confidently while ensuring the security and safety of the generative AI journey. Accessible, self-service analytics, and automation technologies are highlighted as crucial tools empowering the workforce and companies to progress securely in their AI journey.

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