UAE CISOs Confidence Soars in Latest Proofpoint Report

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Proofpoint, Inc., a cybersecurity and compliance company, unveiled its latest annual Voice of the CISO report, shedding light on the pressing challenges and priorities of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) globally.

The report, based on insights from 1,600 CISOs across various industries and countries, including the UAE, highlights a significant trend: a growing confidence among UAE CISOs in their ability to combat cyber threats. According to the findings, more than two-thirds (70%) of surveyed UAE CISOs feel prepared to fend off targeted cyber attacks, showcasing a notable shift in the cybersecurity landscape compared to previous years.

Despite the persistent fear of cyber attacks, the report indicates a decreasing percentage of UAE CISOs feeling unprepared for such incidents, with only 34% expressing concerns about coping with targeted cyber attacks—a significant drop from 57% in the previous year.

Human error remains a predominant concern, identified by 76% of UAE CISOs as the primary vulnerability. However, there’s a growing reliance on AI-powered solutions to mitigate these risks, reflecting a strategic shift towards technology-driven defenses.

Emile Abou Saleh, Senior Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at Proofpoint, emphasized the importance of vigilance and adaptation amidst ongoing challenges faced by CISOs. He highlighted the need for continuous board engagement and resource management to bolster collective cyber resilience.

Key insights from the report for the UAE include:

– A rise in reliance on AI solutions to combat human error, with 89% of UAE CISOs looking to deploy AI-powered capabilities.

– A decrease in the percentage of CISOs feeling unprepared for cyber attacks, from 57% to 34%.

– Concerns about generative AI as a security risk, reported by 49% of UAE CISOs.

– Increased adoption of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology and investment in security education.

– Cloud account compromise and ransomware topping the list of cybersecurity threats.

– A significant improvement in the relationship between CISOs and their boards, with 80% of CISOs in agreement with their board members on cybersecurity issues.

Patrick Joyce, global resident CISO at Proofpoint, emphasized the report’s findings as indicative of a collective move towards strategic defenses and an adaptive approach to emerging threats like generative AI.

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