UAE Cybersecurity Chief Speaks At G[P]RC Summit

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Under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, Head of the UAE Cyber Security Council, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police and the UAE Banks Federation, the G[P]RC Summit concluded its latest session in Dubai. Recognized as the world’s premier event in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), this summit skillfully combines these disciplines with performance and strategy.

Organized by Ejtemaat Events MENA, the Summit has become an essential forum for global C-level executives, GRC professionals, and representatives from industry and academia. Spanning two days and taking place in two key GCC cities, Dubai and Riyadh, the event has cemented its position as the leading GRC conference in the region.

Notable speakers at the event included His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, Michael Rasmussen, a globally celebrated GRC analyst, and Tor Inge Vasshus, CEO of Corporater. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on the path to business resilience and enhanced performance.

Strategic Road to Business Resilience and Superior Performance in an AI-powered Future

This year’s theme, “Strategic Road to Business Resilience and Superior Performance in an AI-powered Future,” elevates the summit beyond a typical conference. It stands as a dynamic arena where leaders and experts converge to explore the complexities of future business strategies, resilience, and performance, all in the context of rapidly advancing AI. The summit encourages a fusion of innovative ideas, promoting a culture of collaboration and strategic foresight in evolving GRC practices.

Supported by key UAE government and private sector bodies, the G[P]RC Summit not only highlights its regional importance but also its alignment with governmental objectives and best practices. The participation of these entities underscores the emphasis on enhancing governance, risk management, and compliance in the Middle East’s dynamic landscape.

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti commented on the significance of the Summit, noting its role as a specialized platform for shaping governance across sectors.

Attracting over 300 C-level executives globally, the Summit has seen increased interest, particularly from the government sector, underscoring its importance as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Michael Rasmussen stressed the importance of a holistic GRC approach, advocating for a strategy that integrates governance, risk, and compliance with business management, a perspective echoed throughout the Summit.

The event caters to a diverse group, including GRC professionals, government officials, C-level executives, and those interested in AI and technology. Tor Inge Vasshus, CEO of Corporater and the summit’s host sponsor, expressed his appreciation for the quality of both speakers and attendees.

GRC Professional Certification Workshop

A standout feature of the summit was the OCEG GRC Professional Certification Workshop, offering participants a chance to advance their skills and achieve certification in GRC. This workshop further demonstrates the Summit’s dedication to promoting excellence in GRC practices.

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