UAE Ministry Enhances Digital Services for Public Ease

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The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has unveiled upgrades to nine of its digital services as part of its ongoing commitment to align with government directives. These enhancements are integral to the “Services 2.0” initiative, a collaborative effort launched in July 2023 with the Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Service.

With a focus on improving usability and accessibility, the Ministry aims to expand service availability across various channels commonly used by the public. The objective is to offer additional benefits that streamline transactions, enabling customers to conveniently and swiftly complete their interactions.

The “Services 2.0” project, initiated to revamp services and leverage advanced technologies, concentrates on two key areas: license renewal and imports. Digital services now enable customers to renew licenses for agricultural activities, animal care, aquatic organisms’ sector-related activities, and fishing boat utilization. Additionally, users can employ digital channels for importing live animals and birds, agricultural consignments, animal feed and fodder, animal products and byproducts, disinfectants, veterinary equipment and supplies, and animal care products.

Mohammad Al Nuaimi, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, emphasized the Ministry’s dedication to enhancing digital services, aiming to provide a seamless experience that saves time and effort for customers. The collaboration with the Emirates Program for Excellence in Government Service under the “Services 2.0” project underscores the Ministry’s commitment to building an advanced digital infrastructure and improving the overall quality of life in the UAE.

Shaikha Ahmed Salem Al Ali, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Regions Sector at MOCCAE, highlighted the continuous efforts to improve services through data reviews, customer opinion surveys, and staying abreast of the latest digital technologies. The development of these services focuses on simplifying the application process, reducing required fields, and creating a more personalized and efficient service.

The “Services 2.0” project, born out of the UAE’s forward-thinking approach, aims to achieve a qualitative shift in government services by shifting from project management to service product management. The initiative prioritizes flexibility within institutions and collaboration with other entities to design services tailored to customer needs and preferences.

Digital service enhancements include revamped licensing services, such as “Renewing a License to Practice an Agricultural Activity,” “Renewing a License to Practice Animal Care Activities,” and “Renewing a License to Practice an activity related to the aquatic organisms’ sector.” These updates improve the user interface, reduce the number of fields, and expedite service delivery, with some licenses now issued immediately.

Import services, such as “Importing Live Animals and Birds,” “Importing agricultural consignments,” and others, have also undergone redesigns, with a focus on streamlining processes and improving the overall customer experience. The Ministry’s mobile app now features a “Haddak” page providing details about prohibited fishing sites and related laws for the “Fishing Boat License Renewal” service.

The Ministry’s commitment to proactive service enhancements includes providing essential data through the “Haddak” page, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Overall, the digital service upgrades align with the overarching goal of providing distinguished and efficient services to the public.

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